Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How About This, DCCU?

Yes, a lot of my posts as of late have been about the DCCU, but with the news that Ben Affleck is Batman (something which I am currently neutral about, will be above neutral if he directs the Batman reboot), I had to post it again. Why? Affleck is 41 and will be 43 by the time Man of Steel II: World's Finest comes out, so if Man of Steel III, we should also have another Batman film by then because otherwise, Affleck will be too damn old and the first film we'll get will be be Batman: Battle for the Cowl.

So after Man of Steel II, by the time III get's filming, the first Batffleck will need to start filming as well. Why? Well, We can expect this to happen in 2016, with Affleck about 44, Hugh Jackman age, so the perfect age to portray Batman. If Affleck wants Robin the sequel will be the perfect time to add him, if not, delay it to the third film. We should, however, only get three films with Affleck as Batman, a trilogy. Just like we should only get a Man of Steel Trilogy and a Wonder Woman Trilogy. This puts more emphasis on the Justice League which could extend past a trilogy and award other characters their own films. It would be better than replacing Affleck when he gets too old, it would be gradually taking emphasis away from him. If Affleck does want a fourth film, we'll give him the Dark Knight Returns.

Sounds good WB? Yeah, it does.

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