Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Singularity The Movie

Not that okay Activision game.

Okay, so I came across this movie, Singularity in late 2010, it had a different poster back then.

Singularity preview.jpg
So, out of wondering if it ever made any money, I looked it up again recently. They have not even released it. It stars Josh Hartnett, whose a big enough draw for this film to exceed it's budget (27 Million) and it will do at least 10 million in India, with Abhay Deol (who according to Knight belongs to some prestigious family). Honestly, this movie has been finished for one year. What are they waiting for, Hartnett to become a big star?

Probably, that's why they delayed Natalie Portman's movie about cheating sluts. I mean, with the premise and low budget, this film could easily do Gatsby numbers with the right numbers. Okay, maybe not that high.

But seriously, apparently this movie just finished in May and was said to be launched at some September festival. Half a month left. I won't lie, I want to see Ancient India, but really? This long for such a simple movie with a small budget. Apparently it's because some creditors didn't get paid, but that would mean the studio doesn't care or is bankrupt. If so, just announce it as cancelled already!


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