Monday, September 16, 2013

Night of Champions Review

Night of Champions is one of my personal favorite pay per views of the year, though I wish they would rename it Vengeance: Night of Champions once again. I always look forward to seeing every championship defended, so I was definitely dismayed when the Intercontinental Title was not being defended. Seeing Triple H announce as such, a nice little gem. However, it was very face of him and out of character, hence, it would be better if it was Brad Maddox, a guy Heyman sicced the Shield on, who changed the stipulation.

I didn't watch the pre-show, but I knew that the Prime Time Players would win, simply because of Darren Young's coming out. The match between Curtis Axel and Kofi Kingston was nothing special. I'll admit, I don't like Axel, I can't take him seriously as a heel. He looks like a retarded beaver! The match was nothing special.

I didn't care much for the Divas match, since it made only sense for AJ to win. I wanted del Rio to beat Van Dam since I really don't think Van Dam deserves a shot at the world title, makes an awkward partner with Rodriguez and failed to win the US Title. Now, obviously, given his current role, Dean Ambrose is unable to pick up the title, but how about somebody who has proven they can beat Del Rio. Somebody who is better as a face? Somebody like Big E Langston.

The Mis vs. Fandango? Remember when Fandango was set to win the Intercontinental Championship? Yeah, that concussion concussed his credibility backstage and his complete push. Feuding with the Miz? I like the Miz as a heel, as a face he is just not working. Fandango should have won this one.

Curtis Axel vs. CM Punk was good, but again, I can't take Axel credibly. It was fun to see Punk beating on Heyman, since I hate that New Yorker. The twist at the end wasn't really a twist, but if it was somebody else it might have felt better. I mean, Ryback can't bully CM Punk, the dude went one on one with Brock Lesnar.

Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler. Wasn't Dolph the World Champion a few months back? Yep. For the time it was given, this match was very good, but Dolph was not going to win. Just knowing that, I mean if the rest didn't lose, neither would he, kind of ruined the mood of the match for me.

Lastly, Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan exceeded expectations in terms of match. I don't like Daniel Bryan's moveset, I don't like the Yes, No gimmick, I don't like his beard. I don't like Orton's character (so he works as a heel) though I like his wrestling, I just had the idea this match would be very good. It was better than that. For Bryan to win, though? In the fashion that he did, you know it won't last. Tomorrow, Brad Maddox is going to go out and either reverse the decision, or Triple H is going to call out the fast count and vacate the title.

So, on Raw tonight, I believe these points will be addressed thoroughly:

* Ryback vs CM Punk (near the middle, like usual)
* Brad Maddox or Triple H and Orton vs Daniel Bryan (scattered throughout)
* The Shield vs the PTP (only because Young is gay)
* The Miz's next stupid feud.

See you guys tomorrow.


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