Monday, September 23, 2013

Saints Row IV Review

Ah, Saints Row, the original GTA clone. Ah, Saints Row II, the original GTA clone to try something original. Ah, Saints Row the Third, the most fucked up game you will ever play. Ah, Saints Row IV, the most wacked out, drugged out, Medecine Shoppe game you will ever play. That is until Saints Row V comes out in which case something else related to craziness will have to be brought up.

So, undoubtedly, the madness that is Saints Row IV became a number one best selling game, automatically warranting a sequel. The game is more childish than it's predecessor, something which was, admittedly, hard to think of. They added more wackiness over repetitive gameplay, something which I hated about some of the old PSP games. However, the added superpowers and upgrades, something borrowed from the Prototype series, makes you forget all about these repetitions, for a while anyways. The gameplay really bugged me, it honestly, did remind of these PSP games that they just made for money, ones that I bought because I thought like the Avatar DS game they could be something different.
Rip Off

One of the game's highest points is the fact that it perfects the open world reality that we have all come to love. Prototype 2 was the pinnacle of open world games, I do believe it was better than Saints Row the Third. However, IV destroys this mark and while the gameplay does slow it done a tad bit, not enough for somebody to have a lot of GTA styled fun. The craziness just goes on and on, and while the plot may sound stupid, the jokes put into it make it amazing to play. This is a must buy game because the fun continues and continues, it is amazing and is probably the number #3 game of the year (Last of Us and likely Arkham Origins will come in front).


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