Sunday, September 15, 2013

Iolaus Will Die

We all know that the Rock is making a movie on his childhood hero, Hercules, a role that he wanted badly. Now, I haven't read the comic book that the new film will take inspiration from, so forgive me if I'm wrong or right unknowingly, but from a simple look at the cast and characters, I can tell you that we will be going down the Troy Road. Remember in Troy, when Achilles' cousin died and he went ape-shit on the Hulk? Yeah, that is what I believe we will get in the film, but moreover to lead to the climax rather than show badassery.

Iolaus is a legendary hero commonly regarded as an Argonaut. I believe this will be alluded to some way in the film, but he is moreover recognized as Hercules' nephew, or his great-nephew (sister's grandson), so Hercules will be shown as caring for him in the film, training him and such. A close bond will be formed between the two and then, just as the big war is about to come, something happens and Hercules is forced to doubt even participating in the war (something in relation to Zeus, I suppose). However, he is betrayed, Iolaus killed, and they go to war.

Honestly, this movie will again show some very great acting by Dwayne Johnson and even if it doesn't hit number one on the box office, it will still make a ton of money. Let me elaborate, number one will make a whole lot of money, so number two's box office will be number one standards, only it will not be number one because number one exceeded number one expectations. Critically, expect this movie to do a 50 % to 70 % score with something like this on Rotten Tomatoes: While Dwayne Johnson again manages to perform the part of the warrior to excellence, thrills are given, but sometimes too many with director Brett Rattner's overblown sequences detracting the main purpose of the film one too many times.

Don't expect a sequel.


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