Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Beginnings

What did HP stand for? Harry Potter of course. So guys, Knight may not be blogging with us anymore, but rest assured he will continue to post videos to the Knight12ify YouTube account. In my opinion, his YouTube videos may have started off as okay slideshows, but his recent Tribute Videos have really started have him carve his own niche into YouTube. Hopefully the view count starts to rise soon because the quality of his videos improve each time. This one may be a bit long, but I hope you guys all enjoy it, I thought it was very well done.

Now, as I alerted you guys last post, I have also joined a new blog, Tru School Sports, and am very glad to be a part of it, it's a very ambitious and fulfilling project. So I have uploaded my first post there today, it is on the Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan feud so please check it out. I believe that through that blog I will be able to provide some valuable insight into the WWE, so thank you Brendan Taylor.

Now, onto my main news for the day. Jurassic Park 4 is going to be called Jurassic World, forgive me for reporting this late. Now, from a marketing standpoint, this is a wonderful decision. Not only does it distance itself from Michael Chricton, whose death was a burden on making any new films because if done badly, they could tarnish his legacy. It also avoids being dependent on the success of the first two and the failure of the last one. So I understand why they would do such a thing, I just wish that it was still called Jurassic Park 4, I mean Jurassic World just doesn't slide off of my tongue right.


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