Saturday, September 14, 2013

Will People Actually Believe That?

The Era of the Knight is over.

The Era of Khan has begun.

I am Muhammad Yafisz Khan, I've been mentioned on this blog by Knight a bunch of times. I usually represent the Knight12ify name (a name shared by Knight and I) through forums like WrestlingInc, CBR a bunch of wikis and yeah. I've been present on the Knight12ify YouTube, I made those crappy goAnimate videos just for fun and a couple of quick views. Now, let me just clarify, Knight is not gone, only on hiatus because he is making a bunch of YouTube videos. A hint to his next tribute video, it involves HP. More about myself, I'm a black Muslim athletic nerd living in Saskatchewan Canada. My religion, I'm not a fervent believer by the way (I can only speak English and know very little about religion actually), will nonetheless make it difficult for me to post on such things as Syria, which Knight posted on a lot. I will, however, continue to bring news about movies, will bring much more wrestling coverage and comics news. Speaking of which, let's go to comics and movies now. As part of my duties, DOG will now return with more coverage than before.

Justin Bieber posted a picture of the Man of Steel II: World's Finest and is trolling people about playing Robin. I really don't care about Bieber, Knight has some very harsh things to say, but I don't care. Let me lay out the facts for all of you reading this: Batman vs. Superman is not the official title, but rather a working title created by David S. Goyer, as in, it's not even the real fake title (like Rasputin was for Iron Man 2, I think); Batman: The Dark Knight Falls is an issue in The Dark Knight Returns, that issue is too small to base an entire script off of; speaking of which, that script he's holding seems like it's five pages; since when do scripts have colour logos?; also, if they do have logos now, I'm pretty sure they would have the real logo, not the fake one Knight found online for his World's Finest trailer; it says reviewed August something, was Affleck even cast then?; that area code doesn't exist.

Do people actually believe that Ben Affleck would be willing to lose a bunch of die hard comic fans (tied with CoD and wrestling fans as the worst fans in the world) for a bunch of teenage girls when his Batman movie comes out? Goyer and Snyder, sure. Affleck, himself a comic fan, is in no way going to lose the cadre of millions who'll watch his Batman reboot 15 times in theatre. Get real.


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