Saturday, September 28, 2013

DCCU to Focus on TV?

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From what we've seen of the DCCU, we know that Superman will be the main focus. From what we have speculated, it's that Arrow and the Flash will tie into that universe because their being made by the CW, an affiliate of Warner Bros.
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Now comes the news of Gotham Central (or is it Gotham or Detective Gordon?) a show made by Fox set in the days of Gotham City prior to Batman. This could very easily tie into Man of Steel II: World's Finest, but where would that leave Arrow or the Flash? Well, it's not hard to believe that it could be set in the same world since all Fox seems to be doing is airing and financing it. However, even if this series does or doesn't, it's probably best to ignore it since it's set in the past and it's events probably won't even be mentioned.
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Constantine, however, could very well tie into the DCCU and Arrow. NBC is financing it and airing it, it will also be penalized if it does not air it. So expect this show to hit the air. Guillermo del Toro has expressed interest for Dark Universe: Heaven Sent to tie into the DCCU, and considering Goyer is writing this, it's not a long shot to expect this show is being made primarily as hype for that movie. That movie will likely be in the DCCU, but with NBC making Constantine, could it tie into Arrow or the Flash? I mean, could Constantine make a cameo attending a Queen Industries press conference and then in his own show be investigating something in Starling City (I think) completely unrelated. It's not unbelievable, no, especially given the circumstances Spider-Man was to be integrated into the MCU. NBC appears to have more of a production role than Fox, but honestly, I really believe the only reason this is airing on NBC and not the CW is because Supernatural appears to focus on almost the same thing. So, it's not unreasonable that Constantine, Arrow and Flash will be in the same world as Man of Steel, but DC seems to be on to something here, so I guess stay tuned.
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