Sunday, September 15, 2013

DOG Returns

Hey guys, MYK here, just updating DOG like I said into post-page thing. We'll see how things work out. I'm trying to make it so that DOG has the ability to become an active page again.

Let me just recap history for you since I'm deleting all the information that was on that page earlier. It started as Halo Hunter, a fan site created by Knight. He moved it to a page in the blog and decided that Halo was too small a topic. Changing it to Dawn of Games, it became a page where he posted his reivews. After changing it to DOG and promising something new, finally happening, he forgot all about it. Now, as a part of my hostile takeover, I'm making the page relevent again.

Reviews on this page:
Halo Reach: 7.5/10
PSMove: 10/10
New Vegas: 8/10
SvR 2011:  8/10
The Conduit: 6/10
Kinect: 9.2/10
Black Ops: 7.05/10 (no idea how he got this measurement)

Now, much like Knight I plan on posting only once per day, because of blog work I have posted twice. Otherwise, see you guys tomorrow with my Night of Champions/Raw review.


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