Friday, September 20, 2013

Comic of the Month

Sorry about no post yesterday, my cousin thought it would be a good idea to uninstall SoundMax off of my computer, so I spent a while getting that back. I'm no computer whiz, that's Knight.

So, I read comics, a hell of a lot more than Knight. I was always a Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine kind of guy. The small fry's, they never interested me. Nowadays, John Constantine, Animal Man, Gambit and Angel really catch my eye. Nonethless, I picked up a bunch of Villain's Month Books, while Creeper was of course the worst, many people tend to think Brainiac to be the best. While Brainiac does clear a lot up, it was more of a piece of encyclopedic work than anything else. It was good, though.

I liked the Bizarro one, but I feel there should not have been one. Really it should have been the Lex Luthor one double sized with those two stories. A lot of the Batman and Flash ones were good, okay at best, with the likes of Mr. Feeze, Clayface and Grodd sticking out of the pack, much like First Born. The one comic I thought was really good, and only picked up because of Man of Steel, was the Zod one.


It was exceptional, without a shot of a doubt, General Zod was amazing. The story was fastpaced, don't get me wrong and it all seems to happen very quickly. That may be it's one doubt, but every panel provided is up just right and really highlights the best friend relationship between Zod and Jor-El. While more emphasis could have been put into the split between Zor and Jor-El and Zod's involvement in the matter, Greg Pak's main mission was to get us into Zod's head and he did just that. And the art... FANGASMIC!

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