Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What A Moron He Is

So it appears that Leadbeater really got hated on for his last "article". Well, I guess Leadbeater wanted to cover that failure up quickly by putting up a new Star Wars one. That was an average read. However, look, Suicide Squad, a film which has really just only begun filming, likely has not enough footage to even make a trailer and only one official image released. It took him one image, literally one fucking image to determine that Jared Leto's Joker would be the worst Joker that we have seen so far. Worse than Heath Ledger's, worse than Jack Nicholson's, worse than Cesar Romero's and worse than the stand-in used in the Birds of Prey television show. Just read his dumbass post, right here.
Leadbeater, that is.

So... let's take a look at this idiot's "points", shall we?
Leadbeater, that is.

1) The Reference Tattoos - His idea is that because the Joker is sporting tattoos tangentially inspired by real life tattoos tangentially inspired by the Heath Ledger Joker, this does not make sense? What makes more sense, the Joker having tattoos that represents who he is, or that sentence above, ergo Leadbeater's first point. Leadbeater asks for real world logic in regards to the tattoos, what the fuck? It's the Joker, it's not supposed to be logical you bitch!
WhatCulture, that is.

2) Desperately Avoiding Heath Ledger - So please, tell me. Had he been similar to the Heath Ledger Joker would this point have been 'Desperately Emulating Heath Ledger'? Likely. He claims that they are skirting around the character by skirting around Ledger? A character who has been around for 75 years is defined by one performance? Look, I get it. Heath Ledger's performance was wondrous but you cannot define every piece of subsequent work off of his. That was what got some of the critics to hate Man of Steel, because they could not get over Christopher Reeve. Look, Jack Nicholson's Joker stayed true to the comics' Joker, Heath Ledger had a realistic portrayal and this portrayal is the Frank Miller Joker. It's not skirting around anything, it's just giving us a different version of a character of whom we have had millions of versions already.
Leadbeater, that is. At WhatCulture, that is.

3) The Grill is Logical But Doesn't Fit the Character - By grill he is referring to the metallic teeth of the Joker. His argument here, it doesn't mesh with the comics... even though his previous point was hypocritical of that. He is questioning the logic of that and trying to determine the Joker's backstory from his teeth. Look, Batman punches out his teeth, he has to get metallic teeth. How many times can you get fillings before it is decided as enough? This honestly works the best, simply because it shows the Joker as a character one would expect to find at an asylum. Is it really unreasonable that a homocidal madman would have bit somebody's throat out? That may seem out of character for the Joker to some, but it really isn't.
Yeah, and it just called.

4) The Killing Joke Parallel Doesn't Fit - Does it need to? It's paying tribute to the comic, not necessarily emulating it. How, though, does that make this the worst on screen Joker ever? He claims that it is unlikely the Joker will match up with Alan Moore's take or that Suicide Squad will draw from that work? How the fuck do you know! It's all well and fine if it doesn't, but you don't know that it does. Yeah, likely it doesn't. But YOU CAN'T CONFIRM THAT. He really doesn't even explain himself, or back up his points here... sad, really.
Wait, Leadbeater's both!

5) The Token Purple Glove - First he claims it feels like an afterthought, and then says it was an afterthought? So which is it? An afterthought, or merely representative of one? He says it's odd that it looks like a marigold glove, which doesn't matter too much... I mean... I'd say it looks like a medical glove.... but your getting pissed off at the kind of glove? Well, if you're that petty, good for you, but I doubt that the kind of glove will make a difference. He also says it sticks out and ruins the picture, even though it's an afterthought? Decide you moron! Is it an afterthought, representative of an afterthought or something that sticks out?
I can use this because I'm black.

6) It's Not a Definitive Take - The movie isn't even definitive yet, I mean it isn't finished! Your getting mad it for being something that you aren't sure it is even supposed to be. It is supposed to be the Joker, present in a film titled Suicide Squad. Why is one of your negative points it being something nobody is sure it is even supposed to be?

7) Damaged - Just like Knight, this annoys me. Not so much because it is the worst fucking kind of hiram (nah, I'm joking, I'm black so I don't really give a shit, not like it'd show anyways), but it is also just plain wrong. However, his reasoning is again stupid. He asks why the Joker has it when the Joker embraces his own insanity? Maybe the Joker has it because the Joker embraces the Joker's insanity?
We've established this, but let's make a foundation.

8) It Might Not Even Be the Finished Design - Then why the fuck did you write an article? If it is not the finished fucking design, why the fuck would you write an article that treats it as such? Down to the title, I mean, doesn't that just negate your entire "article"? You basically shot yourself in the foot after stabbing your arm in every other point. If it is a concept, as he says it might be, he says that just means that it'll change because people don't like it. No, if it's a concept, it's a concept, nothing more. However, if it is a concept, please tell me how Jared Leto's Joker is the worst based off of a concept! What a dumbass.
Well, he is.


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