Monday, April 6, 2015

The Order: 1887 - It Should Happen

I can't help but want The Order: 1886's sequel, a lot right now. Unfortunately, it appears that even though Ready at Dawn has an engine built and ideas for a sequel, we may not even get one. Of course, The Order: 1886 has sold a minimum of 0.75 million right now and despite people calling it a moderate success, something with sales that high is a success no matter the prefix. Yes, it's received middling reviews and in my own review of that (just scroll below, I think), you'll find that even though I enjoyed the game thoroughly and gave it a much higher score than others: that criticism is well deserved. I can't help but feeling that maybe The Order: 1886 would've been better as Telltale's The Walking Dead game was stylized and be released in episodes.

I mean, The Order: 1886 is the only game that's ever really compelled me to try and get all of the trophies. I'm at 48 % after one playthrough and in my second playthrough, I not only want to record more footage for YouTube, but also get that to 100 %. In comparison, I have 37 % trophies, 58 % and 39% trophies for Mass Effect 3, 2 & 1 respectively and that is more trophies than people usually get when they don't try. I've never tried for trophies before, but getting them for The Order makes me feel better about the game. Well, I mean, it might as well given that I want to milk everything I can out of the game given the lack of replayability value...

The problem with replaying the game is, that the cutscenes are so damn long and unskippable because of the perfect way they transition into the action. Now, like I've said, the gameplay system is so good that part of the reason people were hating on it was because they barely got to experience it. I'd suggest a good way to get around cutscenes is kind of like what Mass Effect did. When a characters talking, just push X and go to the next bit of dialogue, it's fast and effective. Or go the Uncharted route, click X and get an option to skip.

One universal good thing The Order: 1886 has done, however, is given us a universal standard. We want games with it's production value and amazing gameplay, but we want more of that money to go to gameplay than graphics. What game better than to show these new standards than The Order: 1887? I mean, Ready at Dawn's made great graphics that they don't need to improve, they have an engine ready for a sequel and have already stated a desire to emphasize gameplay. How to do this however? How get a sequel greenlight? DLC! Either make a cheap but story based DLC that acts as either a prequel, in-between-quel (thank you X-Men: Days of Future Past) or sequel that resolves the story a bit. This DLC is gameplay heavy, little focus on cinematics and basically is a middle finger to all the haters... but I want The Order: 1887 and I think it should happen because Ready at Dawn has provided us with a great world that should somehow be expanded.

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