Monday, April 13, 2015

A SHIELD Spin-off?

It took an entire season to get Marvel's Agents of SHIELD right, I mean, at first they were bumbling as to whether or not be a spy show or a superhero show. When Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, they were forced to be a spy show, and it worked well but did not exactly mesh in with the rest of the season. Nonetheless, they went along with it and we now have an extremely good show on television, even though it is still ages below Arrow, which appears to be it's arch enemy.
- MYK Cameo via memes

Now I'm hearing ramblings of a spin-off of the show. Look, the only reason Arrow got a spin-off was because not only was it good in it's first season (nothing to cry about) but it was amazing in the second season. The amazing Deathstroke the Terminator arc in the second season was essentially what confirmed The Flash going on air. Unfortunately, Supernatural was amazing almost every episode of season nine except the spin-off one. That's a different story, though, and the fact is that even though I've really enjoyed watching Coulson and the Inhumans in a grand spy escapade this season, it's really nothing to cry about. So yeah, ramblings of a spin-off are really likely only going to come to fruition in the third season, when hopefully the show will be relatively as good as Arrow but this season? Hell no. What would it be about? Well that's kind of unimportant because we don't even know why they would do it.

ABC can hardly keep Marvel's Agent Carter on air and at one point even considered the fact that they might have to cancel Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Plus, ABC kind of sucks at spin-offs, does Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ring a bell? ABC, try and save Marvel's Agent Carter and try and improve Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, which, although good this season, has truly only been held up by Kyle Maclachlan and the Inhuman storyline. To expand, those elements are what have been carrying the show because even though they should not work in a spy format, they are working likely better than they would have if the show decided to go with a superhero approach.

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