Monday, April 27, 2015

Minecraft Thoughts

So, I've recently been playing Minecraft: PS4 Edition, it's an overall fun game, no doubt. However, I am not playing online so I don't get to play with my friends or anything. That might suck a bit, but what sucks even more is that I am a horrible Minecrafter. Literally, I made my house alongside a tree, and now I just keep making trees on that one tree. I haven't found a village, or really moved out of my area, which is like meshed in between three biomes, yet it is the perfect area. Honestly, though, I don't get how people can play a game like this alone.

The game is good and enjoyable, like I've said. How can you play this game alone, though? I mean, I really want to play this with friends. Just a few random thoughts.

Oh and this post just went up. Like I've said, I really don't have much feelings on Suicide Squad yet, but I'm sure Yafisz does...

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