Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Mesozoica Trailer

So it appears that Arrow, which had previously spawned The Flash, will now spawn another spin-off, currently with an unknown name. This will be the third spin-off that Arrow will create, the second is Vixen, which has yet to debut. Vixen will be animated and appear on the CW Seed, but the main character will probably have a voice actor that will also play her in live action roles. Enough about that, since I don't really find it all that interesting...

There is a new show coming up and the DCW is expanding. What on Earth could it possibly be? Well, let's take a look at the cast. It is going to be starring Brandon Routh as the Atom, so we know the lead. The supporting characters are going to be Captain Cold, Heatwave, Sara Lance, Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter. That is quite a cast and I have no doubt, that this show is going to be called something along the lines of Linear or the Linear Men. Why? It'll probably be about Rip Hunter recruiting all these people in an effort to get back to his own time and will show how people like Hawkgirl and Sara Lance are non-particle accelerator metahumans, like Deathbolt. So the previous episode of Arrow, which showed Ray Palmer finally come into his own as Atom is going to be the most obvious set up for this show but I'm guessing the upcoming "Rogue Air" episode of The Flash will be ample set up as well.

Why am I really posting, though? More Mesozoica news, if you guys don't already know, we have live Twitch streams up every Saturday (sometimes Sunday and Friday) to pump the game up. My long time followers will note that I was attached to a number of projects and it all came to a head under the Aluna Games banner. I was once working on multiple projects which I consolidated into a network minigame experience called Da Hub, which we were working under with Aluna Games. While my small team of three and I tried to work out with Aluna Games, we also released asset packages. I'm deleting a lot of that history from the blog right now, but I am so excited to finally be back in game developing. Even though I am fairly competent at C#, right now I'm only taking the screenwriting role and I love it. Between everything that I have going on, working on Mesozoica has been great. We have a truly great fanbase and I'd really love to mesh it with the support structure that I've built here at 2BINProductions. So guys, go check us out on Facebook and enjoy the teaser:
Have fun err-body.

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