Friday, April 17, 2015

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Reaction

We here at 2BINProductions are big fans of Man of Steel, our black reporter from Saskatchewan, Yafisz Khan, has been so defensive about it that he has tried to start a flame war with WhatCulture's Alex Leadbeater. Now, three hours after the first official trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, we already have another hate article on WhatCulture. Since it wasn't by Alex Leadbeater, we don't really care, although I'm sure he's concocting something. However, here is my analysis of the trailer.

Now, going in, I'd heard that while many people, likely the majority of people, loved it. These people have expressed so much gratitude and joy and all of that good stuff. It's always the vocal minority that seem to be negative. That is expected. Look, haters of Man of Steel will always exist, the film was polarizing no doubt. There comes a point, though, when you judge a film so harshly before you see a trailer and repeat the same things right after the trailer with no basis to back up your predispositions that people aren't going to take you credibly. I've expressed nothing to excitement and delight over this film and now I finally get to tell you all whether or not I like what I see.

Now, I'd like to make a point that was made over on other sites. As a Teaser Trailer, this trailer went above and beyond in terms of success. As a trailer, it undoubtedly failed. However, it is not a trailer, so, I guess it succeeds? Yes, it absolutely succeeds. Obviously there is still a great amount of division, but the new WhatCulture article, if it can even be called that, tries to bash on the trailer. Yet if you read the comments, everybody is going against the author, Tom Baker. So, damn. We all knew that the criticism would be addressed in the film, but Zack Snyder figured it out. The best way to try and win over the critics, is the embrace their criticism. Let's face it, there are actually very few people who think that Man of Steel had problems in acting and directing. It was really just the dialogue and the fact that Superman killed Zod. So embracing that criticism, that could go a long way.

The first part of the trailer, the embrace and using that criticism against the critics... genius. I loved it. The way people are depicting mistrust and being unsure in Superman, some even going on to compare him to dictators and maybe by a strech, Hitler?, is just genius. It shows how we as a society would actually react and how critics did react. Then the second part focuses entirely on Batman and his voice, it's different, smooth and nice. The dialogue, though, teasing the fight which will be a masterpiece... just wow. I love this teaser trailer and I think it was fantastic.

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