Sunday, December 8, 2013

WWE Live Vancouver 2013 Review

In February 2011, Knight posted his review of WWE Raw House Show at the PNE Agredome in Vancouver. Now, nearly three years later, WWE finally returned to Vancouver with a show featuring many of the same superstars those years ago. Now, I did not attend that event, nor this one. So how, say you, can I review it? Simple answer, I can't, my WWE post this Sunday is written by Knight. All I am doing is analyzing his words. This is not his return to the blog (by January, he'll be back and I'll be gone), but rather a prelude. Let's start.

"Okay, the show starts off with some announcer whose not Josh Matthews introducing a Triple Threat Match for the Intercontinental Title. We all know how this'll end, but, I mean, it's fun to watch. R-Truth comes out into the ring. I see this one lady with a million signs. Lady behind me is wearing a CM Punk shirt and getting drunk. Some people are already getting escorted out. Every time Truth says 'Wassup' I say 'You Suck!'."

Well, I personally like R-Truth, I think he gets way more shit than he deserves.
That face.

"Then comes in Axel and the crowd starts chanting 'Axel Sucks!' and he gets angry and like a local wrestling league, interacts with the crowd. When Langston comes in with the title, he gets the biggest pop of them all. So the match starts with Axel running out of the ring and Langston & Truth competing amongst themselves until Axel kicks out Langston and starts beating on R-Truth.'

I too would say 'Axel Sucks!' and would cheer for Big E Langston. The interesting thing to note is that despite the set up being like Raw, but darker, WWE Live plays out like TNA would. I also like how Axel has embraced the heel role, but even at a house show cannot pull it off without looking stupid.
I loved evil Punk.

"Axel beats on Truth, kicks him out of the ring, Langston comes in and takes down Curt. Big Ending and this match is over. After this we have the Diva's Tag-Team Contest, The Bellas vs. AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. This match plays out how we expect it to, the Bellas fight AJ, get beat up by Tamina and get a roll-up for the win. Then we have Xavier Woods vs. Hunico (sorry, this match happened before the Divas match, I just remembered it later). Not a bad match, the competitors are really trying to entice the crowd and they both buy into it, except more people know the ref Charles Robinson than either man. Xavier Woods' Titantron is so stupid."

It's okay, I understand the remembrance of the Divas. I like how the Intercontinental Title match supposedly ended and I get that WWE is testing out Woods and Hunico. However, without giving them any speaking time (I think, he never told me if they did or didn't), how can either get a push. This is especially true since Hunico is Sin Carly Rae Jepsen again.
Total Dibas!

"Now we have Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. This was a very enjoyable match to watch live and I am sad it did not end the show. It's basically everything they've done on tv, but watching it live makes it all the more enjoyable. The most memorable part was the Superplex, that was done fantastically. Basically Randy Orton wins after Corporate Kane comes out. Randy then gets a beatdown at the hands of Mark Henry."

I heard that Henry and Orton were supposed to feud. Perhaps bad buy rates for Survivor Series nixed this? He didn't go into much detail about the match, so we should take his word for it.
Add caption here you bitch.

"After that match an intermission happens. It fades by pretty quickly as Los Matadores comes out to face 3MB. Jinder Mahal is Punjabi and Canadian, so obviously the crowd is chanting '3MB' and only the little white kids are going 'Ole'. So yeah, 3MB dominates the match and then loses. Mahal and Macintyre stay in afterwards to recieve large chants from the audience."

Well, Mahal deserves that. He's one of those guys that got stuck in a gimmick based off his skin colour and that has really denied him the ability to shine, especially now that he's stuck in Heath Slater's gimmick. I know there's a lot of brown people in Abbotsford, so again, I get it.

"Now comes out Fandango, the crowd is dead. Then Khali and much like with Mahal, he gets a huge pop. Security guard in front of me is also Punjabi, he's laughing as this white guy spills his beer trying to do Bhangra. They have a dance off, all my people cheer for Khali. They have a match and Fandango gets quashed."

This is what a concussion did to Fandango, it robbed him of his Intercontinental Title Shot and sent him low card. I don't like Khali, I don't know what Bhangra is, so, I don't get this segment at all.

"Now for the main event: CM Punk vs Luke Harper. The Wyatts come out first and Bray sits down in his chair. CM Punk comes out and the crowd explodes in cheers. They have a match. The dumb bitch behind me is going off swearing here and there, not minding the kids. Drunk whore. So basically, Harper dominates the early match, but Punk bounces back and takes advantage, even getting in a few shots at Bray. This match was good, but not as good as the WWE Title Match was. At the very end, Punk says he loves Vancouver because it's the only city in Canada where immigration hasn't hassled him. He shakes the entire front rows hands and leaves."

CM Punk hasn't been putting on that many good matches since the Brock Lesner bout, so I get how this was kind of a letdown. However, I find it funny how immigration hassles Punk when they travel to Calgary or Tornto (given they go there a lot). So, that's it folks.
Ha ha ha.


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