Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Reviewe

Short film review, but I hope it's worth it.
Knew it.

Starting off, the film does feel very rushed and not Middle Earth like at first. The one scene I was looking forward too was Bilbo versus the Spiders, unfortunately everything stopped being rushed almost immediately after this scene. Each scene before the dwarves' imprisonment was completely not worth it, and likely to be expanded more in the expanded edition. So, don't fret. It's just that considering how long this film was, I'm just saying, if this was a two-part series, it would not have been very good.

The acting of Bilbo by Martin Freeman is phenomenal, as expected, but it is the actor who acts Thorin (lost his name) who really steals the show. He's essentially the Aragorn of this film series, and he really takes it up. Even though his appearance is brief, Luke Evans knocks it out the ballpark. "No right" is probably the best line in the movie, said with so much honour and conviction, Evans' acting is the best.

Then we have the story, purists do not fret, the general story of the film is essentially that of the novel. It's just how those events play along that is changed. There's also the tidbits of knowledge, like Smaug being aware of Sauron, the Necromancer sending his cronies to the Mountain, that the fanboys may be pissed off about. However, the general story is translated very well into a 2013 fashion, so thank you Mr. Jackson.
Don't whine purists, Tauriel can shut you up!


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  1. I think it's safe to say that this trilogy has already over-stayed its welcome, but needless to say, I had fun here and I hope they do well with the next, hopefully last installment. Good review.