Sunday, December 22, 2013

Batista Returning?

Sunday WWE post everybody. So, the word out is that Batista could be returning to the WWE. This is interesting, very interesting indeed, especially since the news was leaked. Now, it could be just that the arena or stadium put his name up there due to his association with the company. WWE could just be mad with them because they put up wrong information. Of course this always gets translated as leaked return and WWE anger at this.
Who the fuck is Darrell Barnhardt?

It is probably false, mind you, as there were several better opportunities for Batista to return, and his Twitter remarks to those, just as truthful. He wasn't returning. Batista is the last name, outside the Rock and Brock Lesnar, that people wanted to return. However, unlike those two, he is not in his prime anymore. He's almost 45, what would he do upon return? I'm just guessing be an enforcer, promote Guardians of the Galaxy and leave. He hasn't tweeted anything in a while, but, people, like me, do that from time to time. It may seem strange, however, he's an avid tweeter and if this is true, he's just avoiding media until this all blows over.
I know that feeling...

What if he did return, however? Who would he face? The reasonable guess would be Daniel Bryan or CM Punk at WrestleMania 30, the latter who deserves to headline the show. Now, Batista could provide WM30 (who, without the Rock, looks really undearachieving compared to last year) the push that it needs to be a success. Both of those wrestlers look like they could pull off the big fight with Batista, since, due to John being involved in a Hulk Hogan angle (likely the special guest reff for the match against the Undertaker). CM Punk seems most likely for the match, since, it is probably going to headline and he deserves it the most. I mean, let's face it, Bryan's going to rep Vince McMahon (in a twist of fate!) against the tyrinnical Triple H.
the fuck?


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