Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Shield Must Continue

There have been ramblings of Roman Reigns turning face, Reigns getting a push, the Shield disbanding and the Wyatt Family taking over as top heels.Only one of those so far seems to be coming true, Roman Reigns is getting a huge push. I think the WWE realized that mystical hillbillies are not what the wider audience wants to see, it's not what their "home" New York wants to see. New York wants to see the Wyatt Family, but not above the Shield.
WE THE - wait, I'm Canadian...

As a part of their international fanbase, I can personally say that replacing the Shield with any faction right now is wrong. Despite losing the Tag Team Championships and not going for a World Title, which they surely will if they last past WrestleMania 30, the Shield are still, arguably, better off than Evolution or the Cabinet would have been at this time in their run. They are still regarded as fresh, primarily because despite the fact that they have lost, they are generally unbeatable.
Fat cow.

You see, their recent attack on CM Punk proves that despite their reduced status, probably due to an enhanced role in which justice is determined by the boss, they continue to shine. Disbanding the Shield just to simply make Reigns a face is a bad idea. Nobody will believe Reigns as a face, especially if Big E Langston, who dominates in the role, is present. It is quite obvious what has to be done, continue the Shield until at least Summerslam.
I hate this Bane.

I cannot tell you what I want, only that the Wyatt Family is not a good enough stable yet to carry on the legacy of the Shield. They are underdeveloped, two of their members act like cannon fodder and their main leader is seen as weak by the public. Face it, to develop the Wyatt Family, they must keep the Shield. Believe in the Shield.


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