Thursday, December 5, 2013

Marvel Has NOT Killed Comicbook Movie Creativity.

Six days ago a man named Saqib Shah (another Muslim, but he ain't black like me!) uploaded an article to Yahoo called "Has Marvel killed comicbook movie creativity" (great writing there) and as I read it, it is honestly one of the stupidest articles on the topic. It seems like an article made to praise Marvel but actually insult it. It is very bad.
Avengers Assemble
How fast was New York rebuilt this time?

He starts off by claiming that Marvel's success with The Avengers prompted DC Comics and Fox to pursue their own properties off into their own cinematic universe. This is not wrong, it is a well known fact. He claims originality and creativity are suppressed, which leads me to add, what is Man of Steel II: World's Finest, if not original and creative. Superman vs. Batman has never been done before in cinema and a black Luthor is very creative. Look at X-Men: Days of Future Past, that is also very creative, it takes two separate casts and merges them into a new storyline inspired by a beloved comic arc. He claims box office numbers were more influential than any negative reception. Then tell me, why is Joss Whedon the only director from Phase One returning?
Another: Ha!

He goes on to claim whether or not Singer can pull off the film simply due to it's ambition? Singer's previous films failed due to bad release dates, overcrowding and crowd exhaust. All of his films were good, Superman Returns was great for what it was. It turns out that The Wolverine was a "dialed down" "bland misfire" that had only one enjoyable scene. This is the part of the article where you find the guy and **** his **** just so he can **** the **** **. He claims that a more adult take was required. What was this if not an adult take. Any comicbookmovie we have scene so far that hasn't been from Marvel can be deemed adult. Also, does caution mean nothing? The studio needs to revive interest in the franchise (X-Men: First Class served this purpose) and in the protagonist (The Wolverine) and they need to get a large audience. Going Rated R would ruin this. I'm sorry this guy did not get the film he wanted, but many did. No, most did.
He gone done it now!

He goes on to conclude that Hollywood is on a path to self-destruction. While this is true, everything crashes, what the hell does The Wolverine have to do with this. I went to read an article on Marvel killing comicbookmovie creativity and you know what I read? A bunch of trash that told me international audiences make up most money, X-Men movies cannot be good unless they revert to Marvel, Hollywood will self-destruct, oh, and studios want what Marvel has. The last one, he claims is what killed comicbookmovie creativity very vaguely, but alludes to it throughout the article. It seems to him there is only one way of doing this, independent films, teamup films, phase two and another teamup movie! He goes on to claim that comicbook films may not even disappear...
What the hell did he write this article for?
He says it will recede from mainstream popularity. It will, after 2015 when everybody has seen what they needed to. Just like in 2007 after Spider-Man 3, just like sci-fi films after the 70s and noir films in the 90s. They will resurge, but this is expected. What this has to do with creativity is beyond me! Then he claims he a collab between Marvel, Sony and Fox would be revolutionary.
I ain't Christian so this don't offend ME!

Did he even answer the question he prompted?
About that article.


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