Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wonder Woman...

... in Man of Steel II: World's Finest (though that probably is not the title)? Don'worri'aboudit! Why? It's a bit role, for her, probably a cameo at the min and maybe ten minutes at the most, her announcement only being hype for the character being in the film. It is much like Batman, he's probably only in it for about 30 - 45 minutes spread across the film.

Gal Gadot is not a bad actress, but, face it. She has a huge chance to fail to impress in the short time she will likely be given. Ben Affleck can pull it off, he's good (him and JT were the only good parts of Runner Runner) and people will respect him afterwards. In the short time she has, even if it is a post-credits scene teasing a Superman/Wonder Woman film, she has to impress. If not, Internet hates you my friend.
I know there are tons of better pictures of Gal Gadot, but because she is Wonder Woman I took the manliest one.

While a Superman/Wonder Woman film is the logical next step, I know many will be clamoring for a film with just Superman next. I do not. Watch all three Iron Mans, you will notice a big shift from 3 & 2. Not just because of the formation of the Avengers team, but also because it does not have as "big" a feeling attached to it. This trilogy needs to get bigger to maintain Superman's newfound status. Iron Man II sucked, let's hope this doesn't.
This is a pretty cool picture.


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