Monday, December 23, 2013

A Secret Wars Film?

Let me start of by saying that if I'm right, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will follow the Ultimate Universe saga in which the Sinister Six offed Peter Parker for some Puerto Rican kid. Andrew Garfield already said he's not doing it, unless he decides to do it, I'm sure that is where Sony is having James Vanderbilt take the series. Now, these first three films were to be an origin for an expanded universe, correct? Now, lets see, what can Sony hit that Marvel (Shared Universe) or Fox (Time Travel) has not hit. I'll tell you, the Multiverse.
Don't forget the safe word!

No doubt DC will probably use the Multiverse before any company, but Sony should probably be the first ones to do it. I mean, if anything, they'll get Knight back if they have a Maguire-Garfield teamup. If Sony accesses the Multiverse, they could potentially do a film titled Secret Wars. Now, how can only Sony make this film? Look at the 1994 Spider-Man animated series. They did Secret Wars in that, sure it had the X-Men, but this could feature the villains and guys like Moon Knight or Cloak and Dagger. Hell, it would be the perfect way to introduce Venom, a factor that would put straying away from the comic in it's place. Sony could pull it off...
You tell em.

... but so could Fox. With time travel being discovered and Apocalypse being made, it's not hard to believe that X-Men: Days of Future Past could feature such an event so catastrophic that it features the universe being fractured. This results in the Secret Wars, and with the vast array of X-Men and the upcoming Fantastic Four movie, yeah, this could work. In fact, Fox has the best chance out of any company...

... except maybe Marvel. The thing about Marvel is that they own the Avengers, who rival Spider-Man AND the X-Men and even though they have nowhere near as many characters as those two compnies together, they have the mass appeal.Downey Jr. signed onto the first three Iron Men because of the stories, The Avengers for the appeal and it's sequels for money. He would do a Secret Wars movie for the appeal and story, I'm sure. No, they cannot use elements of the story because most of it was key to Fantastic Four and Spider-Man, but they have the characters. They could really do this...
Now available.

... but what if all three studios collaborated? The most imaginative film ever worked on simply due to the sheer amount of studios backing it up with them stacks of benjamins (fuck you Annie!). This would cost just about as much to make as Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End, have maybe more than one director and surely at least six or seven rewrites. It would also be more than one film, I'm sure of it. However, Marvel's got their Infinity arc to play out, Inhumanity to introduce. Fox has to save the X-Men and according to Knight, Sony can go "fuck themselves". We'll never see it, but, just think about it for now.
I don't think those boots would not get wet.


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