Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Venom and the Sinister Six?

Well, I've got a couple of news to give out. I haven't posted in a week and I apologize. It's just that something came up, and with all the news I wanted to post. The first thing is that after December, in the new year, whether or not I will continue to post at Cutlock will be in doubt. I'll try to inform you guys more about this.

The second is, Bad Roomies by Patrick Renna. This is a project on Kickstarter that I say you all pledge a dollar too, I feel it's something that deserves the money compared to all those half-assed RPGs that everyone promises will have the same thing as each other yet beats it's pledge by so much. Considering how much they ask for as well...

Next I have Randy Orton becoming the first titled WWE World Heavyweight Championship (though both titles prior were also those names in technicalities). I am glad John Cena did not win. How many times does a man have to define his career?
No, he was wrestling when wrestling was cool.

Now, lastly Venom and Sinister Six. Knight is probably mad, he didn't want this universe to continue and told me he would only watch another Spider-Man film again IF they rebooted the franchise once more, even if it is a semi-reboot in this universe (Puerto Rican Ultimate Spider-Man anyone?). However, this news for Venom is good because the character may get some respect that people want him to have. The problem is that in Spider-Man 3, Venom was wonderfully used as a plot device, something that his fans didn't want him to be. As for Sinister Six, I feel this is a wonderful opportunity, but it has to lead to a Doctor Octopus movie starring B.J. Novak. This film will only work if it's like that casino movie with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. I posted on this topic here, and while Sinister Six is left wing, I did agree on Venom.
Alex Kurtzman.JPG
Never directed a thing in his life. Get's Venom.


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