Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 Books Most Deserving of a Film

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1) On Stranger Tides - I know you may be thinking of Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides, a film that is technically based off of the book. However, that was more of a stand-alone sequel rather than a true adaptation of the book. The original film technically replaces characters here and there all while sticking Hector Barbossa in the middle of the plot. The result should have been good, I should not have had to put this novel up here, but Rob Marshall is a dumbfuck director. What we want, a true adaptation of the book with the true characters and general "true" story, not a loosely based adaptation.
A bearded man with long hair stands on a beach. He wears a red bandana, a dark blue vest with a white shirt underneath, and black pants. Attached to his belt are two guns and a scarf. A ship with flaming sails is approaching from the sea. In the background, three mermaids are sitting on a rock. The names of the main actors are seen atop the poster, and the film credits are at the bottom.
It's the Lone Ranger!

2) The Last Unicorn - Again, we technically already got a film. However, this section is for live action, not animated. The story of this novel can be good in a low budget film with good actors. I believe in this kind of film, I know while many may not believe in this, I will. Honestly, put Tom Cruise and Jaime Foxx in the film (not the Annie Foxx, though) and somehow you've got a deal. The novel deserves a live action adaptation.

3) The Stars of My Destination - Cloud Atlas was good. You know what else is unconventional, sci-fi and very good, this novel. The story of Foyle and how badly he wants revenge, I have always seen as something the likes of Spielberg or Burton could only capture, the former by adventure the latter by darkness. It's not a wholly dark tale, though, it is just different and breaks the mold of typical sci-fi. If any genre needs a remaking (after Ender's Game), it's sci-fi and this is the book to do it.
Yes it is Kim, yes it is...

4) Mythago Wood - Pretty much the same reasons as the previous one, but fantasy doesn't need a reimagining, but rather new layers and this one could just about do that.
I'd rather take layers off her

5) The Legend of Drizzt - Rather a series of novels set in the Forgotten Realms. How this has not gotten a film adaptation yet is beyond me. It is not going to add anything new, but rather retread what Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings have already shown us. However, the emotional ties that the audience could develop to the protagonist could go beyond just using watching fantasy for dragons. If done right, retreading isn't a bad thing, in fact, it's something that'll remind us why we love the genre.
This is what I think of the guys who own the Drizzt movie rights!

MYK (now some Kim K pics)
Still sexy!

Damn that face is just so good!

Guy behind her has a boner.

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