Thursday, November 14, 2013

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May the real Yafisz Khan please post now? Yeah, I'll post. On what you may ask? On the stupidest film that will be released in 2014. A Jay-Z film: Made in America. The very idea of the film is so stupid it doesn't even get to be italicized.
What does she have to do with Jay-Z? I dunno, I just think she's hot.

Sure, it's made by Ron Howard who is good, but it focuses on Jay Z preparing for the Sundance Festival. Nobody gives a rat's ass how Gay Z prepares. Maybe some people care about how Eminem prepares, but Jay Z, hell no!
He got sued by a wrestler for doing this.

The dude is a real money whore, I mean a fragrance called Gold Jay Z. He's so addicted to money he thinks his name will get him some. I don't think he realizes that name promotes people not to buy that fragrance.
Definately fuck her.

Don't Watch this film.
And her... but not the beer... don't drink.


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