Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sony's Spider-Man Universe

Let's face it, with Ghost Rider and Punisher back at Marvel, Sony has just lost the two important characters that had a large enough supporting cast to warrant them a shared universe.
This is Minecraft.

They still have Spider-Man, though, whose reboot actually made people lose interest in the character... and even more when they were not able to incorporate him into the MCU... making him even more pointless because The Amazing series is going nowhere...
The guy who killed the franchise... that's who!

Sony can make as many Spider-Man films as they want, but the closest they'll get to attaining what Marvel has, or even Fox, is by making films on their villains. Hell, Spider-Man has featured some supporting characters that could get their own films. The villains films would be successful, good is another fact, but Doctor Octopus is a popular enough name to rake in at least $300,000,000 if it is done well. What films can they get from here? Dock Ock for sure. Venom is a maybe.
This Venom would do exceptionally well...

The supporting cast, however? Even with the Spider-Man connection, they would need a low budget to be considered successful. Which characters are these? Well, there's only two: Hector Alaya and the Prowler. Hector Alaya is a superhero who appears in Spidey comics as the White Tiger. Creating this character and putting him TASM 3 and then launching him into his own film, brilliant slap in the face to Marvel, who've yet to get started on a similar character they own... The Prowler is a tragic hero who was blackmailed into doing bad things before (I think) Spider-Man helped him out and shit. As he started a villain, and TASM 2 has plenty of villains, don't be surprised to see Hobie Brown as an Oscorp engineer with two talking lines.
Who is that?

That's it, though, that is all Sony has for a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.
it's Franklin!


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