Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Median Post

Sorry I have not been able to post in a while...

However, I do have a lot of good stuff to post about today. The first is about Man of Steel II: World's Finest. There are three candidates for Nightwing, Adam Driver (please no), Erza Miller (hell no) and Penn Badgely. Only the last will make the Internet not explode.
Or he could come back...

The next is on the sequel to The Wolverine. Personally I feel that it should be a take on the Old Man Logan storyline. That arc is long, though, so a split into two films, maybe? Sure, due to contract issues we'll see certain characters swapped, but it's okay, I could see Hawkeye replaced with Gambit, Red Skull with Sabretooth and Hulk with Juggernaut. Also, the Logan married thing, scratch that out.
That's Mahk Milla

The third thing is, that for some reason, I cannot post on Tru School Sports. I was going to do a writeup on why Randy Orton vs. Big Show is a bad idea, but I cannot log in. So, here's the thing, my bi-weekly WWE post will be here if I cannot get back on.
It's the Big Show after a gender swap!


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