Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hourman Should Spin Out of Arrow

While Gotham, Constantine and Arrow should all be in the universe started by Man of Steel, the show that was most recently announced was one about Hourman. Now, I do not know much about this hero other than what he does is easy to adapt for tv. Low budget allows even bad ratings for the CW to have it last two seasons. However, if the show is good, it should last more than two seasons. I mean, Human Target was okay, and did not deserve a show.
By the way, this isn't Hourman.

Hourman does not deserve a show as well, but if the producers, hopefully Berlanti, can make the show watchable. It will do well. Hopefully this show is also in the universe started by Man of Steel (recent hints by Amell suggest Arrow and Flash will be). What it needs, however, is to be in the same universe as Arrow. Flash would achieve Smallville fame, but last about half the seasons if it did not spin out of Arrow. The fact is that Arrow is sizing up to be a more successful show than Smallville ever was and the Flash will add to that shows success and it's own. Hourman, however, may be less successful, unless it spins out of Arrow.
Ooh, my nerd sense is tingling!

The character is relatively unknown, the premise is awkward, good at best and chances are nobody will care about the actors. Two seasons at most, unless it spins out of Arrow. Expanding not only that show's universe and potential, but also giving people a better interest in Hourman. If the show spins out of Arrow, expect the show to last more than two seasons. Also, expect it to be good, not like previous shows like Birds of Prey...
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