Monday, October 5, 2015

Dinosaur Battlegrounds - A Fellow Project

I know I've sort of neglected this blog a little bit as of recent and Yafisz has disappeared somewhere, but I'm here to talk more about news. First of which is that I have a very special post coming out soon, one that is again about the movie Hook. I've talked about this topic before in a post I made called Remembering Hook, which was a passionate response to an article by Travis Vogt and not the most professional thing that I've written. However, I've been known to go off and say some pretty crazy stuff on this blog, Yafisz more so. As a consequence, Remembering Hook Part Two will be an actual endeavor in this topic which will be coherent.

However, what I really want to talk about today is sort of a tangent to what I've been talking about recently, Mesozoica. Now, I am a video editor, producer, coder and screenwriter. I could have adopted any one of those roles in the project, but I chose screenwriter. Why? I have been given the chance to work with YouTubers like The Gaming Beaver or BestinSlot and am able to craft an entire world. I actually announced my involvement as screenwriter in my review of The Order: 1886, but only elaborated the day after in a post that talked about other upcoming games as well. The next post kind of elaborates my troubled history in the game development business. While after that I promoted the Megalodon, talked about delaying Kickstarter and that was the first post of a series of events which radically changed the course of the game. I had to elaborate on what this meant and later confirm the game would no longer look like it did in the UI Tech Demo. Before long, we were back on track with the Originals, and a temporary website. Well, then we went to Kickstarter and I did my damndest to try and promote the campaign while also putting up the Pre-Alpha, Version 1.6.2. That brings us to today, we have officially reached our goal and I can happily confirm that the game will indeed be made. As such, I wanted to talk a little bit about other indie games. One of these I talked abut in one of those very first posts I've linked to.

This project is undoubtedly Dinosaur Battlegrounds, now given that we are on our last legs of Kickstarter they gave us a shout out on their Facebook page. So I feel the appropriate thing to do is let all of you guys know about their project. They have a much larger team than the one we do over at Mesozoica, but their team is equally talented. We share one member in fact, Adrian Brown. He is the animator for both of our projects. Out of all the other games, Prehistoric Kingdom and Saurian included, I am most excited for Dinosaur Battlegrounds. It promises a game that takes elements from MMORPGs, survival games, action adventure games and a dynamic sandbox. They are working with real paleontologists to ensure that there is a degree of accuracy that no other game promises. Essentially they are carving out an entirely new genre in video gaming and I am so glad they are doing it. You get to play as a dinosaur and survive in an open world, best part, you can do it with your friends as well. For more information, check it out here.

Now, Adrian Brown is also working on his own project, called T-rex World and it also looks really fun. It is a battle game set in Hell Creek where you play as the Tyrannosaurus Rex and fight your enemies to completion. The game looks incredibly detailed and great and I recommend you look forward to it as well. Check it out here.

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