Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Prime Minister and Syriana

So Justin Trudeau is our new Prime Minister. Good job. I wanted a Liberal Party Victory, just so somebody who is younger, not too young mind you, becomes our country's leader. Stephen Harper wasn't much older than Trudeau when he became Prime Minister. Pierre Trudeau was older than Harper when he became Prime Minister. Yet the point that stands is that unlike Harper, both Trudeau politicians have accomplished one thing: they resonated with the crowd. From what I hear, Justin's approach is very different than his father's approach. Now, I wasn't alive when Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister, but I am alive because of what he did. I find it hilarious, though, that what people internationally are taking of our election is that Justin Trudeau is the "hottest" or "sexiest" world leader. It's probably true given that David Cameron look's like what you'd expect Margaret Thatcher's ass to look like. Yet, I'm glad, because Trudeau I am sure will do a lot of things that I feel will be best for this country.

Now, a lot of news came on the side as well. The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer came out and it looks amazing. However, I can already piece together the story. Finn crashlands on Earth and meets up with Rey. They join the rebellion and Finn becomes best friends with Poe Dameron. In their fight against the Empire and General Hux, Poe Dameron is captured by Kylo Ren and tortured on information on where to find the Rebels or Luke Skywalker. Finn accepts his duty as a Jedi and fights Ren while Rey rescues Poe. Since Finn isn't even a fully trained Jedi and Ren isn't a Sith, they both suck shit but Finn is winning until the rest of the Knights of Ren come. Finn retreats, they kill General Hux and stop the Empire to save the day. Just my theory. There won't be any post-credits stinger or anything, maybe a few leads to follow up or a The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers style ending rather than a typical Star Wars ending.

Oh, and I haven't written about Syria in a while. What I have to say, though, is that this fight was once between the FSA and the Syrian Government and at the core, it is still that. Eventually, the FSA led to what is now the Army of Conquest joining the conflict. This led the way for ISIL to make waves in the country. The US Government has long since supported the FSA and on the Syrian Government's side, maybe Hezbollah wasn't enough? Now, though, they have the power of Iran and yes, Russia, behind them. Russia is much larger and yes, let us admit, much more ruthless than the USA in their airstrikes. They will probably destroy a lot of ISIL advances just off of that. Now, people may bring up the Soviet-Afghan War as a reason why Russia may lose. Yet, who really lost that war? Yes, the Soviets retreated, but was Afghanistan the peaceful country it once was before the war after they left? Soviets could have stayed. They could have, but after what they had done, what was left to fight for? Russia can definitely do the same thing now, except this time, they have more supporters in the Syrian Government, Hezbollah and Iran. I know one thing, it doesn't seem like Assad will be going down.

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