Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mesozoica Pre-Alpha Released

Okay guys, so after years of trying, and on my blog's history you can probably see my history of this, I tried to make an indie game. It never really did work until now. Mesozoica that is. We're on Kickstarter and are now 86% funded with 6 days left. We are in the final stretch now and it really is now or never to see our dreams come true. Of course I have many dreams, this is just the one that has been profiled the most on this blog. So even a $5 pledge will help, so here is the link to Kickstarter.

Other news on the game, though, is that we have officially released our Pre-Alpha. Now keep in mind, this Pre-Alpha must be downloaded from MediaFire because I did not want to change WordPress' code too much to fit it on the game website. Get it while you can because at this point, who knows how this Kickstarter will turn out. Download it from here.

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