Friday, October 30, 2015

Dakotaraptor steini

Yes, it is true that Mesozoica is not the king on the front of being scientifically accurate. However, we must be doing something right. After all, our wonderful and talented creature modeler Robert Fabiani would not have been contacted by Robert DePalma on the behalf of the University of Kansas to help model the new dinosaur, the Dakotaraptor steini. It is a brand new dinosaur and Mesozoica has the honour of being able to make the first model of it for a game.
Isn't it beautiful?

This will be a slightly shorter post. However, I am having another second thought on putting in a beat I have made for the Hook video. The reason is because I don't want to just put my own material out there, because well, then I don't really own it anymore aside from having had made it before the next guy. It's kind of why I make remixes, because I've bought the music or downloaded it and am putting it up there for fun, within creative commons. Until I can profit off of my own beats, I don't feel like putting them up. So, the Hook video may take longer.

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