Sunday, October 11, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions

So remember when I had all those Destiny videos up before I realized they were shit and took them down? Yeah, I've recorded another gaming video, this time on the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. However, I figured before I edit and upload them I'll talk about it. Way back when, Rogers Communications used to have stores out in town where you could rent movies and video games. I know, kind of like Blockbuster except they wanted a lot more than that. So, I rented out and played the shit out of a game called Star Wars: Battlefront with my cousin. We loved it and gave it back. Then we saw it in the store: Star Wars: Battlefront II. At EB Games, I bought it and it was so much better, just incredible really. Along this time I got the two Lego Star Wars games as well and they were fantastic, never mind I was never able to finish the third one due to a game breaking glitch. What I'm trying to say is, I love Star Wars video games.

Now, the thing I loved about the original two Battlefront games is that it provided amazing third person shooter action. I love TPS games, they are so great. Down to Uncharted from Crash Bandicoot, I've always loved playing in the third person. So I was disappointed when this game started off in the first-person perspective. Yet, then I made third person mode my primary and dang did I get good. Right away, I led the team in kills like three matches in a row. Yeah, there's some stuff I don't really get like that booster jump but honestly, I love this game so far. So yeah, in my recordings I don't do so hot all the time but when I edit and put it up you'll see, you'll all see...

So anyways, yeah, screw First-Person Shooter mode. TPS all the way. I never played FPS mode in the original two and I'm not going to play it in this one. I love Third Person Shooters, there is just something about them.

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