Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Star Wars: Battlefront - Hopes

So, I'm actually editing the video right now. It's going to be a longer video because I'm adding stuff in it that was not in the beta. What video you may ask? A video of me playing Star Wars: Battlefront. It is fairly funny, but keep in mind, I'm not a gamer on YouTube. I'm a producer and a screenwriter. So, I'm doing what I do best, editing some funny clips and stitching them into my gameplay. It's coming out by the end of the week, if I'm lucky I'll get some of it done today.

One more thing. Hook. I want to write up the post and I want to make the tribute video. However, I have determined that none of my recent remixes are good enough for a video on Hook. I need to come up with something that fits. To that end, I think I may end up mixing my own beat. Will I sample or go for something urban, who knows. However, the post goes up with the video and the video only goes up with proper music.

Back to Star Wars: Battlefront. I was not too disappointed when I heard there would be no maps from the Clone Wars. In fact, I liked that all the maps in the game would be from the Galactic Empire Era and that there would only be ten maps. I believe that DICE, given focus can make ten amazing maps and from the three that I have seen, it does appear that way. I love the online mode, as you will see. I love the fact that there is two player, couch co-op, splitscreen - whatever you call it - I have lamented about this in the past. One of my favorite two player games is Uncharted 3, the co-op is simple, just like Call of Duty but a lot more fun. I love that Star Wars: Battlefront at least has splitscreen but am disappointed that it may not extend to the online aspects of the game. Disappointing, but hopefully untrue but likely true. I hope that just like they are adding two maps from Jakku, in the future they my add co-op in an expansion. I still hope Destiny adds splitscreen in an expansion.

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