Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Small Future Update; More Remixes Out

 I have multiple projects incoming for all of you. I'm currently not working on Mesozoica, but news on that front will be coming soon. In news more related here, I do have a bunch of stuff to talk about.

  • So, like I've said, I have recorded some footage of me playing the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. I've just been quite swamped right now and have yet to extract the footage from my PlayStation to my computer for editing. Once I do that, though, I will put the video up on YouTube for all of you to watch. Unsurprisingly, I'm badass at the game. Surprisingly, it barely ever shows when I'm recording.
  • I have a sequel to my post about Hook scheduled to come out. Now, I'd have put this post up already, except I have, as said, been swamped. The reason is, I want to make another tribute video, my first in months, about this film. I've created a remix to go with this tribute video, I've just yet to actually do it.
So those are three projects from me you can look out for in the upcoming future, a gameplay video, a special post and a brand new tribute video. Now, I have continued to make remixes. The thing about remixes, though, is that unless I have a video to go along with it, it does not go on YouTube. That is why the remix to the upcoming tribute video of Hook is not already on YouTube. As aforementioned, it goes to Vimeo. I already have a remix up on Vimeo, which you can view at this link.

However, I currently have several remixes converting on Vimeo. This includes my latest one, called Toppa, right here. I also have the one I made before that, called Complexxation converting here. Now, the third and final remix that I have converting there is called Run This Town, Version 3.0 and yes, it is an updated version of the Run This Town remix I already had on YouTube. I've included some vocals by Rihanna and Jay-Z to link it back to the original song. Some new vocals by Trey Songz. It also does not annoyingly cut out at the ending. Oh, and more verses from T.I., Kendrick Lamar and Mos Def. Version 3.0, where is 2.0? It's on my computer and you will likely never see it, even though it is better than 1.0, but not as good as 3.0. That final video is being converted at this link.

Now, as you may have noticed, I deleted the team page. Why? It's Yafisz and I on this blog, we don't need a page just to explain who we are. Our posts do that anyways. It's why, I have created to new Page Tabs, one which links to my YouTube account and one which links to my Vimeo account. This is so that if you're ever on the blog, you just easy access either. It just makes everything easier.

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