Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2

So yeah, I vowed that I would finish Dark Souls 2 before going on to play Bloodborne. Have I done it? I'm finally at the Throne Watcher and Defender. I'm sure that I will not have as much trouble on Bloodborne as my friends and many others have had because I played Dark Souls 2 first. Why did I not finish the game? I've got more things to do in a day than play a game and I was preoccupied with Batman: Arkham Knight, whose review is the post before this one, so check that out.

To many people, Demon Souls was the hardest game that they had played. A sequel has not been made to it, but the spiritual successor, Dark Souls came out. I have not played either of those two games, but Dark Souls is the series that people identified with after it came out, despite having gotten hooked by Demon Souls. I am sure that Bloodborne will be the same thing to me, fans of Demon Souls find Dark Souls easy. Dark Souls 2 got me hooked and I will likely identify with Bloodborne and that is a series that I am sure will similarly continue.

I probably will not get Dark Souls 3, but probably will get Bloodborne 2 when that comes out. Now the question is, do I wait for a definitive version of Bloodborne that includes all the DLC and get that? Or do I do what I always do and just get the game in its base condition, because I want the game for what it is, right? Kind of the reason why I never got any DLC for Destiny, or any other game, ever.

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