Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Originals Are Here

So, we all know that while my presence at Mesozoica is more related to level design and story, I am still very involved. I had an idea, one day, that we include the three original dinosaurs ever discovered. For those of you who do not know, these are the Iguanodon, the Megalosaurus and the Hylaeosaurus. The first is the most popular, the second has middling popularity and the third has never really caught on. DeJon Horton, our great modeler on the project, already made Iguanodon. Why? It is a very popular herbivore whose popularity meant it had to be a part of the game.

I did not recommend it at first, my main priority was making the dinosaur personality documents, quest designs and forging a story. However, after our incident, which you can read up on at this blog, I pushed for Megalosaurus right away. When DeJon made it, I pitched in the skin. I wanted a loon skin, based off of Canada's most famous bird. It came out beautifully, DeJon Horton is a wonderful and skilled modeler. Our team is humbled to have him. Eventually I asked for Hylaeosaurus as well, he was busy with other dinosaurs, but yesterday he completed it. After working out the kinks, he posted my final request, a shot of The Originals all together.

DeJon's work is amazing guys, wait for more models from him on the Mesozoica Facebook page, which is where you can see the Originals all in a striking pose. Click here.

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