Thursday, July 23, 2015

Remebering X-Men: The Last Stand

I wasn't very old when X-Men: The Last Stand came out. I loved Cyclops, he was my favorite X-Man. I loved his movie costume, I loved the fact that it was some black military strike team outfit with the visor. While I didn't hate the comic book costume, I liked it in fact, I hated the one that covered his hair. It seemed so impractical to me. It made him look like a standing blue Xavier to me. I didn't really care much for Wolverine, but I always thought that he was cool.

What I liked about each movie was the structure. We had the threat, first Magneto, then Stryker. We had the X-Men under Cyclops. Wolverine as the lead. Then there was the mutant of the movie. In the first one it was Rogue and then it was Nightcrawler. In the third one it was supposed to be Angel. There is one episode from the old X-Men: Evolution show I watched as a child that I'll single out as great, that is the episode where Angel debuts. That was a great episode. Then when this movie's tv spots started to come out, I was confused. There was barely any Cyclops. I was scared that he wouldn't be in the movie. I saw a poster and he was in it, but way in the back and grew even more scared that he might die. Then it came out to theatres, and then finally to DVD when I watched it. Around that time, TV Spots had come out again reminding me of my fears.

I didn't like the movie because it killed Cyclops. Not that it killed him early, but that he died at all. I loved it when Wolverine killed Jean Grey, if I had my younger feelings now, rewatching that scene I would say: "FUCK THAT BITCH!". Magneto was always cool. I liked the Iceman/Pyro dynamic. Everything felt fine, if not too much, but they killed Cyclops. That is perhaps another reason why X-Men: Days of Future Past is so great, it wipes this movie's stupidity away from our minds.

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