Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

So, because of a present giving me a game I already had, I got Batman: Arkham Knight for less than half price the day it came out. I've spent this entire time playing the game, trying to for for 100% and I finally finished it. Did I get the full ending? No. In Batman: Arkham Origins, I solved all the Enigma quests, but in this? Fuck you Riddler. I got to over 75% on his quest before I decided to let him starve at the bottom of Pinkney Orphanage. The actual review, well next paragraph folks. Also, I'm going to spoil the shit out of this game, so if you read and get pissed off, your own damn vault.

Starting off with gameplay, it remains essentially untouched from Batman: Arkham Asylum, but finishes the job that Batman: Arkham City had and polishes up gameplay. Although I will admit, when I was cremating the Joker in the beginning I had no idea what the fuck was going on? Do I click it once? Do I hold onto it? Do I repeatedly push the button? Do I stop after a while? It was way too confusing for me. The gameplay is honestly very similar, in fact, if you've played the other games, just play on Hard difficulty, it won't be hard. The Batmobile was new though. Reading other reviews, I've noticed other people finding similar opinions as me. Before I get into it, though, there was a guy in my high school who said he'd rather have a lamborghini than a Batmobile, what a dumbass. The Batmobile in the normal Batmobile fashion is very fun. It is amazing to just drive around in it and destroy the city, even though it regenerates. What's up with that? Was Gotham City spliced with Nutty Putty (or Silly Putty, or Magnetic Putty?) for that matter? The tank mode took me a lot of getting used to, though. It was odd and awkward. Unlike the refined sports car mode, the tank mode just felt off. However, it grows on you. Like that serious movie that your parents loved but you hated as a kid but grew to love eventually? Yeah. By the time the GCPD Battle came about, I was going to record gameplay, but decided to be in the moment instead. It is a letdown, though, because when we want an amazing boss fight, we sometimes have to deal with the Batmobile Tank instead. For example, in Batman: Arkham Origins we had the Deathstroke boss fight, in Batman: Arkham City the standout boss fight was with Mr. Freeze. In this? There isn't any memorable boss fights, rather it is just me sneaking up behind Cobra Tanks to fight Deathstroke one on one. Yeah, I was going to record the Deathstroke boss fight because I figured it would be like in Batman: Arkham Origins, but it was a tank battle that was almost identical to the Arkham Knight battle earlier! Speaking of the one non-Rocksteady game in the series, I find it hilarious how so many people shat themselves on that boss battle but I beat it in the first go on Hard difficulty! So in chemistry there is a thing called saturation, when a solution is saturated no more solute will dissolve. The Batmobile saturates this game very early on due to the Tank mode.

The graphics are good, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The thugs say repetitive things like they're commentators from a WWE Game!  Mark Hamill is back because his retirement was a joke!

On to the next one? The story is very epic, but first? Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon? What? Isn't she like ten years older than him? Like Barbara and Dick Grayson is supposed to be from what Wikipedia tells me, but this? It just feels wrong! As for the actual story, essentially Scarecrow has partnered up with the Militia to unleash ultimate fear on Gotham City. The Militia is led by the mysterious Arkham Knight, who has a mysterious grudge on the Batman. Unfortunately for Batman, he is infected by a Joker virus and his arch enemy is slowly trying to take control of his body post-mortem. This story is the most emotional story seen yet in an Arkham game. In the first venture, the game was not very emotional and seemed to work because the events it showed seemed like it could happen any day for Batman. Just another night on the job. The second game made things serious, but we still did not feel that emotionally connected to Batman. It is very surprising, though, that it was Warner Bros Montreal who made the most emotionally wracking venture with Batman: Arkham Origins. Showing us a strained relationship between Bruce and Alfred, Batman and Bane's battles and the rise of the Joker. So maybe that is why so many people are either overjoyed or pissed off at some of the events. Everyone agrees that aside from a little tank saturation, the game is pretty freaking amazing. Yet, when the Arkham Knight was revealed to be Jason Todd, even though that was obvious when the Red Hood DLC was announced, people were angry. That Scarecrow exposed Bruce pissed people off. That 100% gives them an "Allah-hu-Akbar" gif moment via Alfred and a mythical Batman. It pissed people off. I would've been pissed too, if I hadn't been trying a strategy of just taking it easy. I don't look at release dates anymore or watch trailers that much because I get too excited. When I get too excited I may get disappointed. Yet even though the confrontation between the Arkham Knight and Batman was such an emotional moment, people were so angry. That Bruce finally beat the villains and achieved peace, people were so angry. The only thing I'm mad about, that Barbara's death was a ruse. That took a lot of emotional weight out of the story. I really didn't like it. It made the Arkham Knight's fall and subsequent redemption feel so much less because Bruce was fighting for so much less personally. However, the story is amazing and I seriously recommend that if the identity of the Arkham Knight (Jason Todd) makes you angry, just enjoy the gameplay, that is what games are of. Also, was anybody else laughing their assess off at the Joker? I mean the last three games had insane moments where Batman tripped out thanks to Mad Hatter and the Scarecrow, but this entire game was just Batman tripping out! Hell, Scarecrow tried to make Batman trip out even more because he didn't realize Batman was already tripping!

I rate this game 10/10 because even though the tank may feel saturated, if you allow yourselves to feel the emotional weight it just pushes the gameplay that much further into perfection. Also, I did not play DLC because I always play the game only for what it is. Good night folks, that's the end!

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