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Terminator Genisys Review

So I haven't talked to Knight in a while, but he saw Terminator Genisys yesterday. So why am I making the review? Because I also saw it and I'm going to be online instead of him for this week. First thing is, I am finally getting things settled with Leadbeater. I do want to apologize for those who I've offended and to Leadbeater for the language that I have used. I do respect Leadbeater as a writer because he is good, as I've said, but when it comes to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice he is biased and not even a little bit objective. That said, if continues to post his articles on the topic at WhatCulture in this biased fashion, I will respond, but with none of the name calling and all of the memes.
I don't always have a meme, but when I do, I caption it.

As for Terminator Genisys, you've probably all heard the buzz that the new Terminator movie is horrible, terrible and you should not watch it. It is not horrible or terrible but I cannot recommend that you watch it. So let me start off with the positives, the effects are very good and well handled. From a director like Alan Taylor, you can expect nothing less. They look expensive, though, which is a shock given that the film actually cost under $200 million. The best effects, however, are those of the T-3000 and the digital way in which it moves and interacts is practically horrifying. Not too shabby is that of the T-800, in which Brett Azar is CGI'd into looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unlike in Terminator Salvation which had better effects, but was inconsistent in CGI-ing Roland Kickinger and thus had to cut the Arnold short, this film maintains it. The T-800 moves dangerously and incapacitates Guardian in what could easily be one of the best fight scenes in the film. When it comes back and fights Kyle Reese, you're actually rooting for the T-800. Then the acting, there are two actors whose acting I will single out: Jason Clarke and J.K. Simmons. Let us start with the latter, who is barely in the film. Yet right when he comes in, you can tell that he is playing a slightly childish, yet worn out and exasperated old detective who fumbles to even comprehend an iPad. Nonetheless, he continues to tread on. There is not much substance to his character and barely much for Simmons to work with, but he still pulls it off and proves to be the best comedic part of the film. As for Jason Clarke? He pulls it off convincingly and had this movie been any better, gives an Oscar-nomination worthy performance. "I'm not man, I'm not machine. I'm more." - there is no emotion given in Clarke's T-3000 when he says that, yet you cannot help but feel he is being cocky. He wants his mother and father with him, but really does not care if he wipes himself out of the timeline if the engender the possibility of Skynet's death. Yes, if you want to watch good acting, watch a supercut of this film featuring only Jason Clarke's performance. Oh yeah, and Arnold is pretty badass.
The rest of this movie now.

Now the negative and there is a lot. First let me start off with the comedy. There is simply too much. Go back and watch The Terminator and T2: Judgment Day and you will find comedy, where it is needed. Like "I'll be back" in the first film ended up being funny to the audience, but wasn't funny in the context of the film. Kyle Reese's interrogation in that film was funny to the audience, but not in the context of the film. In this movie, however, when Kyle Reese says stuff like "I'll find the switch" and all, it isn't funny because, is he trying to make the characters in the movie laugh or the audience? Same problem I had with Jurassic World, people do not say that stuff outside of comedy movies starring Chris Rock (which are good) while in a serious situation. You aren't going to pop a funny line while a cyborg is hunting you down, it doesn't work like that. This is why the serious moments, even though far and few, are to be cherished in this film. This is why J.K. Simmons works, he is funny to the audience and while he doesn't come off as funny to the characters, he does to us. Then comes the romance, which is about as forced and hamfisted with unnecessary humor as possible. It doesn't work, there is no real chemistry between Jai Courtney and Emilia Clarke. As for acting. I discussed the positives but now the negatives. Emilia Clarke gives about the most cliched performance I have ever seen in a big budget film. She rejects destiny, but has to go along with it, doesn't want to fall in love but does it anyways, oh and everyone she loves dies. That skeleton can have great things made from it, but is mangled and mishandled into Sarah Conner's character arc. Also, she cannot maintain the accent. Jai Courtney on the other hand is good, he is fine, but his voice sounds off and he just cannot hold a candle to Michael Biehn. As for Matt Smith, sorry if you watched this film for him because he's just a cameo. As for the plot, it should work because it is a good concept, but with everything listed above, it doesn't.
Two series that started off great but descended into madness? Oh my god.

Honestly, this is a movie that should work, but is bogged down by a horrible screenplay and unnecessary comedy. What should have been great like Jurassic World instead suffers from that film's flaws by an exponential level.
Basically this movie.


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