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San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (also, more Leadbeater bashing)

So Comic-Con has come and gone and I, MYK, am back once more. Expectedly, dumbass Leadbeater has made another article on WhatCulture bashing Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, Josh Wilding made an article beforehand which praised the film on the same site, a first for every website I suppose. Does that mean I wills pare Leadbeater? Nope, on with it! Here's his stupid article if you will.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
 Now, let me start off with his introductory page. He claims it reignited the hot debate. There was no hot debate, ever. Just people who didn't like Man of Steel bitching about a sequel to film that they had decided they would not like before watching the movie and people who were genuinely excited. Then he cites several criticisms, that he does not talk about. Remember that concept that each work should stand on its own and not be dependent on what came before it? That applies for journalism as well Alex. Then he links back to his own previous articles to show these criticisms. Nobody wants to see your articles! I didn't even want to write these articles bashing your articles, you forced my hand because your complaints were so stupid! Why would you link back to your shit? That isn't standing by your shit, standing by your shit would be defending it if necessary, not picking it up and throwing it across the internet!
I just like this meme.
 His first point: Retconning Bruce Wayne Into Man of Steel's Ending. I know of a magical tool on the Internet called or even Google Define that can tell us what a retcon is. However, as an actual journalist, I will tell you. It is a new concept inserted into a previously known work that changes a fundamental concept of said work. No, Alex, it is not a retcon that having Bruce Wayne save a little girl from a collapsing tower during the events of Man of Steel occured because it did not change our understanding of what happened in that film. Now maybe if Wayne secretly shoved a kryptonite batarang up Zod's ass, that would be a retcon. That would be the typical approach that I'd expect him to take, but no Leadbeater does not criticize that. Rather, he criticizes the fact that the Batman Easter eggs were Tim Burton-esque and that Man of Steel dissociated itself from a larger universe? How does this retcon that? By making Gotham City a sister city to Metrpolis? Okay, you can criticize that, but I always thought they were opposite the Delaware Bay as DC Comics themselves said... no wait, you cannot criticize that! You are criticizing the trailer, so why are you instead pointing your anger at something that was said during a Comic-Con panel?

Next point: Heck, Retconning Man of Steel's Ending in General. Yes, he used heck during a title. Not going to lie, the first two paragraphs in this page are good journalism. I applaud you for that Leadbeater, but just like Michael Bay you cannot hold up. Third paragraph he acts like this was Snyder's plan all along! Anybody can tell that it wasn't! Snyder even admit that the destruction is something that Superman would have to deal with in an interview shortly after Comic-Con 2013 when this was announced! Then, why is General Zod's body still around? Wait, what? How is that related to the title? Are you going to explain yourself? How does dealing with the repercussions of Man of Steel retcon the ending to that film? At least explain your point before going all bipolar on us and shifting your argument.
Pointing at WhatCulture offices.

Point 3: The Death of the Waynes: Once More With Feeling. Before talking about his writing, I will agree with the sentiment I believe he will use. I do not feel we need to see why Batman is Batman again, but please note, the why is not how, the how is the first half of Batman Begins. I will admit, most of this page is good writing by Leadbeater. Then he compares it to Captain America: Civil War and claims Marvel is sidestepping the origin of Spider-Man? No, Sony is sidestepping the origin of Spider-Man because of how well it worked out for them the second time. Marvel is just writing them in. Last paragraph... Leadbeater, learn how to analyze... Perry is talking about Clark Kent going after Batman in a journalistic fashion, as in doing something that most reporters tend not to do. He is not claiming the Batman is new, in fact, the way he casually says 'Batman' suggests otherwise.
No caption necessary.

Point 4: Alfred Undermines The Whole Film. Well damn, I didn't know Leadbeater had already seen the whole film already. I mean, why else would he make such crazy accusations after having had only seen a trailer? He has to have already seen the film, in its entirety. I'm saying this off of the title of the point. So apparently, nearly 67 year old Jeremy Irons is too old for Alfred because Bruce Wayne is older even though Ben Affleck is 42 and there is still a 25 year age gap between the two? That is a quarter century Leadbeater! So apparently Alfred's line "He's not our enemy" just destroys the entire purpose of the movie? Goddamn. Goddamn. Goddamn. Groddamn. Then he says that Alfred may be talking about Lex? No, dumbass, he's talking about Superman. It is a line to try and get Batman not to fight Superman but Batman does anyways because he's a jackass. Are you that stupid, really? I don't even want to waste time on this point, so stupid.
My response to him hating on Alfred.

Point 5: The Red Capes Are Coming. I am not going to lie, the line by Lex Luthor that Leadbeater is referring to. I have seen some people love it, but others? No feelings at all, really? Some, like Leadbeater, have found it stupid. But I just don't care. The "Do You Bleed" line was awesome, though. Fuck you Leadbeater. Let us just get it over with dude. You don't like the film because you don't want to like it. Your acting like fucking Devin Faraci before X-Men: Days of Future Past and even he admit that the movie was good. Then he quotes a stupid ass line from The Social Network that wasn't even that good and here is the best part, he has a spelling error! Plus, I don't even like Eisenberg as Luthor yet I cannot help but defend him from Leadbeater!
Just do it Leadbeater, we can help you!

Enough of Leadbeater, let me actually post what I wanted to post now, about SDCC 2015. We cannot have SDCC without DC. Yet we did without Marvel Entertainment's Film Division. Guess what, though, the X-Men movies are Marvel movies, just not Disney marvel and they did hold up the fort for Marvel. The Marvel TV Division, given that it doesn't have a lot to talk about, could not do much. So let us talk about Marvel first, through 20th Century Fox, people remembered them! The X-Men panel, which highlighted Deadpool, Wolverine and X-Men: Apocalypse was enjoyable. This was due to surprise appearances by Channing Tatum and Hugh Jackman. We do not know if Jackman is in the next two flicks, but it is confirmed that it is over for him (unless he pulls a Sean Connery). I'm sure you've all seen the leaked footage, but that movie looks amazing and yet that is only after five weeks of shooting? Groddamn. Then there was Fantastic Four, which was just selling the movie. Nothing new there, it just seems fine. So there was the entire Marvel side to it.
(I'd put more memes in between paragraphs but fuck it)
Now, as for other television. I only cared for Hannibal and Supernatural. Unlike the previous year, this time, Supernatural had no new footage but instead gave us plenty of details. I liked the panel, but it wasn't too exciting. The idea of the brothers going up against the Darkness united is good, but expected. Crowley being confirmed as dead is obviously going to be true until it isn't. Again, this year, the panel did not accomplish anything. Since NBC is like a girl with commitment issues, Hannibal is ending, so they gave us the amazing trailer for the "Red Dragon-half" of the final season.

What about DC? Who stole the show? Even though they've only got two movies coming out? Now, as likely indicated by the entire Leadbeater bashing, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice looks amazing and will probably be amazing. As for Suicide Squad, okay... well, Ayer let the official trailer loose this morning so... yeah, it looks good. I don't know. I really am burned out writing this, but I will say that the Suicide Squad itself looks very well handled and good. Harley Quinn is nothing too special, so don't get worked up over her accent. The star of the movie, as expected, Deadshot looks like he is getting a fairly well deserved treatment by Will Smith. There is not a tonal issue. The film is serious but will give us laughs when it deems appropriate, like the Christopher Nolan Batman movies. As for the Joker. Look, it is no surprise that the two of us on this blog do not like the Damaged tattoo on his forehead, which is why I think Ayer made the good choice of not making it too visible during the trailer, as it is very off putting.


(UPDATE: Just went ham destroying Leadbeater on Twitter, check me out on @YafiszKhan)

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