Friday, July 24, 2015

Have We Become Too Negative?

Now, I hated X-Men: The Last Stand because Cyclops died and many casual movie fans were disappointed with it. It was not a bad film, not at all, but it was disappointing. Spider-Man 3 is not a bad movie at all. Hell, the negativity that surrounds the movie seems to have convinced Sam Raimi that he made a bad film. No, it was disappointing because Venom, who is popular to fans and casual viewers, was not done right. Why do I open with that? There was no negativity surrounding the release of both of those films, there really wasn't any negativity afterwards if you look it up, just disappointment. No, the negativity is more recent.

Man of Steel came out and there was no disappointment, there were either people who loved it, or hated it. I have covered that extensively on this blog. In not one of those posts is the word 'disappointment' mentioned. Sure I may have alluded to feelings of disappointment or dismay, but whenever I did that I used it as a device to show you something? What you may ask? To show you not that people were disappointed how Man of Steel turned out, but how it did not resemble a Christopher Reeve film. How it was not humorous like a Marvel Entertainment film. They were not disappointed with the quality of the film like you could say for Spider-Man 3, no, they were disappointed with a quality that they hated did not work in the film. They hated it for not being what they wanted. If not done perfectly, tailor made to the minds of every fanboy, your product will receive a huge amount of negativity.

Look at the new Fantastic Four, people are angry that Johnny Storm is black. They hate it. They have not seen the film and are finding reasons to bash it and destroy it. You may say they have seen tv spots and trailers and that their reasons are justified. No, they made these reasons when Josh Trank was announced as director. Just like Yafisz postulates Alex Leadbeater does with the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, these fanboys just used promotional material to find further reason to hate the film. What am I trying to say here? Well, let me give you another example. Recently the Undertaker returned to the WWE, interrupting a championship match and attacking Brock Lesnar. Now WWE is a television show much like Arrow or Hannibal and it is scripted. People loved his return, but as Yafisz pointed out on a forum somewhere, a vocal minority destroyed the return, claiming it was out of character, done badly, he is too old, should retire. You can look for Yafisz's post somewhere, but the point is, as Matt Fowler of IGN said in response to that reaction: "We've become way too comfortable crapping all over everything". That speaks volumes about our attitude and as Yafisz has been trying to promote a more positive environment, honestly, I'm going to tell you that yes. This blog has shat on movies before they've come out, but our criticism had been well deserved and towards movies that YOU KNEW were going to be bad (like Annie), not towards something like X-Men: Apocalypse or Penny Dreadful that has potential.

So there you have it, try and be positive guys. Don't be that guy who tries to ruin the Transformers movies for you because there's only explosions. If you like that, enjoy it and ignore that guy. Be hopeful about everything, be positive.

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