Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's Happening!

Now there are a few things that I wanted to blog about. Number one, last month I beat the record for most views per month. A record which I had previously beat the month before. A record which was set a year before by Yafisz. The second of which was, that I wanted to do a look back at The Scorpion King, the reason Dwayne Johnson gives us great movies like Hercules and San Andreas. With recent knews, however, that post will have to be delayed for two days. Number one, I will have a follow up post to this post tomorrow. Number two:
It's Happening!

Yeah! I don't know who that is but it was easy to find! So, Bethesda tweeted out this link. Obviously it means Fallout 4 is on the way. After the last bunch of hoaxes, I believe the counter simply means that yes, it is coming and get pumped. They could've just announced it. Obviously if you see the URL, you'll know what it is. It is confirmation after a few leaks and a billion hoaxes, but why the counter if you would just announce it like that? Like I said, to build up excitement, but also to give space. Obviously they will officially confirm the game tomorrow, only so that the actual reveal at E3 will be hyped up but also with, hopefully, level headed expectations. In other words: It's fappening happening!

What can we get from that website? Well, number one that it will stay true to Fallout's thematic value and be old fashioned and a coming of age story with tons and tons of blood and gore. How do I interpret that much from a fucking counter? Well, the clock is stylized like a geiger counter dial I beleive so it means there will be radiation and given that Fallout pits you as a constantly evolving character that is not like a Pokemon... yeah, it's fucking Fallout, guys. Next, look into the page source and there will be interesting tidbits. The first is a small message talking about a PA system failure and a Masterbrain shutdown. The Master was the leader of Lieutenant and the main villain of the original Fallout, but a Masterbrain, while it could be related, seems like it will be the villain and a rogue hive mind that could not be shut down that is now wreaking havoc on the Wasteland. Then, if you didn't believe this was Fallout 4 and if you did believe and wondered where the game would be set, at the bottom we see "institute.js". While I'm not going to delve much into that, I will say, it means the game is Fallout and set at the Institute in Boston.

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