Monday, June 15, 2015

Fallout 4: Heavy Rain

So yesterday was the Bethesda Softworks E3 presentation. Lots of interesting stuff there, but none more so than Fallout 4. The game looks very good. The graphics are amazing, you may say I'm wrong because they do not look super realistic, but what they do look is super true to the Fallout format. What was interesting is that the Kotaku leak was true! That was entirely true! Start before the war and wake up after Fallout 3! Most people disregarded that because they were tired of being burned out and after the reveal, it seemed like the leak may be true and guess what, it is. You can play as a woman, which is important to some people and the dialogue is very Mass Effect now. That is all fine, though. VATS seems a bit different and mildly weirder, but still... still good.

The new crafting system is what I am excited for. Building settlements seems cool and all, but I did not come to play Fallout 4: The Sims. No. That is not what has me excited. Rather it is the weapon crafting, something which in the previous games was so generic that I never modified my weapons beyond repairing them. So yeah, I never touched a crafting table in Fallout: New Vegas. Yet this system that they are using now, I haven't seen something like it since Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II, a game in which we could modify our weapons and change them to make them stronger. It seems akin to that and seems fantastic.

What about the story, though? I previously mentioned that giving the player character a voice could serve to make for a more intimate and connected feel for the game series. The story seems to emulate this. I mean, you play as a parent who loses everyone to cryostasis and you wake up in a land so far removed from your own that all you have left is your vault suit. That is a deep story. I am excited because, well, Fallout isn't supposed to make me feel! Anyways, with the game now giving off Heavy Rain vibes and making me sure that every action will weigh on me with a heavy head, I'm patient.

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