Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hawkgirl Spin-Off In Development?

So Hawkgirl, a minor character who popped up for literally a split second in the season finale of The Flash, may be getting her own show. The CW really seems to be on a roll with making good superhero shows. After running Smallville into the ground it was a surprise that Arrow rose out of it like a phoenix and shot the bolt that was The Flash. Now, DC's Legends of Tomorrow seems like it'll be a success. Why? It seems like it will be different. The new Supergirl show looks really bad in my opinion, maybe just because I don't really like that character, though. However, if this show is not like that, it could be good. I just do not feel that the CW should become saturated with too much superhero content, plus, I still want that Supernatural spin off.

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