Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Perfect Shazam Crew

I haven't done one of these in such a long time. However, with Shazam coming out sooner than 2019 it seems like, it is probably best for me to do at least one more. I am very excited for this film, of course I am excited for really any film that looks like it has potential. This film, though, is so out of the blue that the main character has a suit made of red. I have a feeling that it will be the most "Marvel" DC film, yet the character of Captain Marvel, in this case renamed Shazam, has never been bereft of dark moments, it is just that he approaches them with a light heart. Like, imagine a possible Spider-Man 4 where it starts off with Spider-Man all retired and such. The movie is dark and brooding, he's lost his best friend, his girlfriend, with no Spider-Man he doesn't take pictures anymore and for 9 years, nobody has seen the webslinger. Yet he is forced out of retirement and the moment he fights the villain or villains of the film, in the suit, he is cracking jokes and not being depressed. Shazam should be like that. You can make it dark or anything, but as soon as Billy Batson transfroms into Shazam, he is going to be lighthearted, even if the movie itself is dark.

So, who could possibly make this film great? Let's see:

Director - Wes Anderson; after watching The Grand Budapest Hotel I finally began to truly appreciate the talents of Anderson. He gave us a comedy, yet even though it was hilarious, it was serious. Plus, given how much he hates critics of this genre, having one of Hollywood's best directors make a film in it would be amazing.

Shazam - Tom Hardy; He loves Warner Bros, loves DC Comics and needs to be a hero. Unfortunately he already has a DC television project in the pipeline.

Black Adam - Dwayne Johnson; because it is already confirmed...

Billy Batson - Dylan Everret; not sure if I spelled his name right, but after watching this kid act in Supernatural, I feel like he could pull it off. He may be a bit too old, but I feel like they should go with somebody around his age.

There aren't that many people that are important to the Captain Marvel mythos. So, I suppose that is going to have to be my "perfect" crew for Shazam.

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