Saturday, June 13, 2015

The 5th Wave

So, while I was researching into Tobey Maguire's efforts to become the Triple H of Hollywood, I noticed that he was producing a film titled The 5th Wave. Let us just analyze that title. As a video game fan, I can tell you from the title that it could mean the fifth horde of enemies after brief respites. As a journalist I can tell you that it could mean waves of reviews. As a chem student I could tell you that it is perhaps a part of a spectroscopy map. Well, which one of those is it? The first one I'd wager, given that Liev Schrieber is playing a character named Colonel Vosch. (Did I ever post about that day where I saw everybody as Liev Schrieber on TV yet thought that Schrieber himself was Dougray Scott or somebody?) Honestly, this film could go either way.

On one hand, it has talent like Schrieber and Ron Livingston attached. On the other hand, the director, J Blakeson is a nobody, and it stars Nick Robinson so you know that it could crash if Blakeson makes it go the way of teenie-bopper or over exuberance like I Am Number Four. Honestly, though, we'll have to wait and see, but this film seems to have potential.

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