Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mesozoica's New Focus - Prehistoric Kingdom Tech Demo Review

Well, Jurassic World is out. I've yet to watch it but I've been hearing mostly positive things. One general consensus seems to be that as a standalone film, it is wonderful. Compared to Jurassic Park, it pales in comparison. Well, be that as it may, Jurassic World being made is one of the many things that spurred the development of Mesozoica. Honestly, the project was wounded after the departures, but with our new UI artist, Kayla Velten, we are leaps and bounds ahead. Maybe Kayla's work ethic is better, maybe she is just more enthusiastic, I do not know.

Why am I making this post? Well, the Prehistoric Kingdom demo came out. Now, before I sound cruel or harsh or something, please keep in mind that the game had a tech demo which they released right when the game became moderately playable. So, they released a tech demo almost right before they entered pre-alpha. This could either turn out well for them, or not at all? I loved the music that they utilized but that was pretty much it. Yes, GUI, HUD and UI were all really good, it just seemed very lazy, especially the main menu. Why am I saying they released this tech demo before pre-alpha, because the gameplay wasn't even that. It was practically unplayable and it took a bunch of people a YouTube video to figure some stuff out. Not a good start. However, this tech demo will be receiving, hopefully, constant updates that improve the quality from pre-pre-alpha to alpha. That seems like a good idea. However, I do feel that their team may have been pressured by the fans into releasing something like this early on. One very positive thing it did accomplish that many had been doubting, that Prehistoric Kingdom is a serious project that wants to entertain the fans. Try it out and enjoy it for yourselves.

The original plan of Mesozoica was to release a UI Tech Demo, and then modules. These modules would have focused on different areas, and likely the UI Tech Demo would have been one of them. Chances are, we would have released the first module before pre-alpha like Prehistoric Kingdom did and probably only gotten a great reception from the most fervent of our fanbases. The plan is different now. If you've watched the livestreams on Twitch, you'll know. We are very close now to the same stage that Prehistoric Kingdom is at (a stage I'd say we were likely matched for, but recent departures pushed us back from that) we will not be releasing a tech demo. Rather we will showcase our gameplay to prove that we are still in the game. Our new focus is to prove ourselves to you, the fans and I cannot wait to do that. A demo is a ways off, but gameplay, not really.

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