Saturday, May 9, 2015


Syria has been a favorite topic of mine. I've posted on it a lot, if you look in the archives. My views on it may be considered skewed. So I'll sum it up: in the Syrian Civil War, one side is the supporters of a tyrant and on the other side are terrorists? Now with Da'eesh in the mix, the truth is, there is nobody you can support. The FSA was slowly getting corrupted and Assad is corrupt. Syria will be left in dregs when this war is done, but the truth is, it will not be done, not for a long time. The crisis in Afghanistan, most people think it started in 9/11. No, 9/11 was just a large domino in a sequence that had been going on since Najibullah and the Soviet Invasion.

They replaced Najibullah's fingers with cigarettes. Before this Civil War seemed to be Assad vs the rebels, and it was believed they could escape al-Nusra's influence. There was a a glimmer of hope. It appeared as if the leaders of Hezbollah and Iran were telling Assad to get his shit together, and when it was clear his own forces could not, they aided him. Now, Assad falling is imperative. It is the only thing that could cause some semblance to return to Syria. Or it is already too late and Assad falling will be like Najibullah's execution, it will not matter.

Da'eesh is not the enemy. No. There is no enemy. Da'eesh, or ISIS if you will, is just another pawn, just another powerful pawn in the grand scheme of things. They will not get far, but it is sad they have as much as they have. It is sad Kurdistan is suffering, but it is sad that all of this lies on the shoulders of a tyrant. It is sad that soon the tyrant will become irrelevant and the war will consume all. Fuck, I should write a poem on this.

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